5 unusual Hotels

The Giraffe Manor was built in 1932, by Sir David Duncan, and modeled after a Scottish hunting lodge. Located in Nairobi, with a view of Mt. Kilimanjaro and the Ngong Hills, it is located on 115 acres. The manor was opened, in 1984, as a hotel. The Rothschild giraffes were moved onto the property after the loss of their natural habitat, and now they thrive there. Staying at this giraffe sanctuary will allow you the opportunity of having the giraffes come right to your window, where you can hand-feed them and take pictures.


The Library Hotel

Manhattan, New York

For those with a love of books and learning, the Library Hotel is for you. The floors are set according to the 10 main categories of the Dewey Decimal Classification system. They have arts, religion, philosophy, math and more.Library-Hotel, NY_0808_CRNina-Choi_Main.jpg Included in the rooms are books from the theme of each floor.


Karostas Cietums Hotel

Liepaja, Latvia

The Karostas Cietums started as a Russian prison and remains much the same now as it was then. Your stay includes being handcuffed and led to your jail cell, stripped of your belongings, fed bread and water and allotted a bed of wood or iron mattresses. The hotel is only open from May 1 to October 1 each year.image.axd.jpeg There have been reports that this is a haunted hotel, so in your cell you can expect to hear eerie noises, and maybe even see some of the former prisoners.


Utter Inn

Lake Malaren, Sweden

The Utter Inn is an art project by Mikael Genberg. It looks like a red garden shed stuck in the middle of the lake. The bedroom is located three meters below the lake, and is accessible by ladder. There are windows all around for fish viewing. Above water is a small deck to lounge on, and a row boat to explore the lake, or the island nearby.


Propeller Island City Lodge

Berlin, Germany

This strange hotel is the work of artist Lars Stroschen. Each room has a different theme. There is a flying bed room, which has slanted floors and a levitated bed; the upside down room, which features all the furniture on the ceiling and a trapdoor on the floor that you climb down to find your sleeping accommodations; they also have a padded room that is covered in green leather padding, from top to bottom. For those who have vampiric tendencies, they also offer a room with coffins as beds.


utter-inn-4.jpg propeller-island-city-lodge-berlin-germany.jpg deglace.jpg das-park-hotel-austria-1-1.jpg

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  • Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers is a Sheraton hotel located in New York City near Times Square. Its addresses are on 7th Avenue, West 52nd Street, and West 53rd Street. At 501 feet (153 meters), it is one of the world's top 100 tallest hotels, and one of the tallest hotels in New York City. It has 51 floors. It was completed in 1962. In its...

  • Mount Magnet is an old Western Australian gold rush town. The name was chosen during exploration of the region due to an isolated hill 5 km north west of the town current townsite. This hill has an extremely high iron content and affected the compasses of explorers. At the 2006 census, Mount Magnet had a population of 424.
    It is located 573...

  • InterContinental Warsaw, designed by a team of architects under the leadership of the late Tadeusz Spychała, is a five-star hotel in Warsaw, located between the streets of Emilia Plater, Śliska, and Sosnowa. Its construction started in 2001 and ended in November 2003. It is the tallest hotel in Poland, the third-tallest in Europe, and one of...

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