Unusual Hotels in California

Sparrows Lodge

Palm Springs
Originally built in the 1950s as a resort getaway for Hollywood big shots dubbed Castle's Red Barn, the hotel hit-making couple behind Sparrows Lodge stripped the original down to its bones and remade it into an insanely laid-back hipster hacienda hideaway. None of the 20 rooms have TVs or phones, but you can entertain yourself at the check-in desk WHICH DOUBLES AS A BAR, at the outdoor pool and open-24/7 hot tub, or with a short ride into town on a loaner bike. Oh right, and there's a full horseshoe game hidden in the back in case you're into doing one of the 21 things required for The Best Palm Springs Trip Ever.

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The Pearl

San Diego
This revamped mid-century motel hosts all kinds of badassery on the regular (“dive-in” poolside movie nights! $1 happy hour oysters!!), enjoyed by guests in 23 stylish, soundproofed (hey now) rooms. The swanky lounge extends to the pool’s patio, where you can tuck into locally sourced grub and beers brewed just down the street. Bonus: you’ll get 15% off your dinner bill if it ever rains - but, yo, it's San Diego. It never, ever will.

The Wayfarer

Santa Barbara
Located on the Urban Wine Trail just a block from State St and three blocks from the beach, this Funk Zone hotspot bills itself as an upscale hostel, but offers several private rooms with fancy faux-fur touches and 42” TVs. Hang out by the heated pool, play big-ass versions of Jenga and Connect Four, or meet new folks around the communal breakfast table. Wait, free sunset bike tours, too? Yuuuup.

Glen Oaks Big Sur

Big Sur

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  • A large atrium with palm trees, usually in a prestigious hotel, where functions are staged, notably tea dances. Examples include the Langham Hotel (1865), Alexandra Palace (1873), the Carlton Hotel (1899), and the Ritz Hotel (1906), all in London, and the Alexandria Hotel (court added in 1911) in Los Angeles, California.
    The concept of the palm...

Second Piatigorsky cup; International Grandmaster Chess Tournament held in Santa Monica, California, August, 1966. Annotated by Jan H. Donner [and others] Introd. by Gregor Piatigorsky. Edited by Isaac Kashdan
Book (Los Angeles W. Ritchie Press)
CardCow.com Bullock's Padsdena, South Lake Avenue Pasadena, California Original Vintage Postcard
Entertainment Memorabilia (CardCow.com)
  • Categories: US State & Town Views,California,Pasadena
  • Type: Linen
  • Size: 3.5 x 5.5 (9 x 14 cm)

Popular Q&A

What's the worst hotel in California?

I'm afraid to answer with such a seemingly obvious reply, but -in fact -the worst hotel in California (a fact not unknown to most baby boomers) is Hotel California. Apparently, and this is only hear-say, you can't ever leave. Which sucks double plus good, I'd say.

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