Unusual Hotels Paris

One by The Five Hotel, Paris on GlobalGrasshopper.comOne of the world’s most visited cities, Paris is famed for its romance, iconic architecture and centuries of artistic achievement. The French capital is often everything a visitor wants it to be and amid the bustle of everyday life you can still find typical Parisian stereotypes of handsome poets and elegant fashionistas. Paris is at the forefront of many leading artistic and design movements and many of the city’s beautiful hotels reflect this trend. Here is a collection of cool, quirky and unusual hotels in Paris that are not just for Valentine’s day…

Le Bellechasse – flamboyant chic

Striking and elaborately designed, Le Bellechasse sits comfortably within the narrow streets of the trendy Saint-Germain district. Not out of place among all the art galleries and prestigious antique shops also located here, this quirky boutique hotel in Paris offers a visual feast in gigantic portions.Le Bellechasse - Cool hotels Paris on GlobalGrasshopper.com Le Bellechasse has been fully decorated by famous fashion designer Christian Lacroix in a typically Parisian decadent style (circa the 19th century). If you decide to stay at this hotel – expect the unusual. Oddities include giant wall butterflies, winged dandies and enormous playing cards but yet the hotel still manages to remain tasteful.

  • Prices from €120 per night.

Hotel Du Petit Moulin - Cool hotels in Paris on GlobalGrasshopper.comMurano Resort Paris – avant-garde cool

An extravagant avant-garde design hotel and self proclaimed ‘urban resort, ’ the very cool Murano Resort hotel is a stylish choice for those wishing to be near the famous cultural sites of Paris. This place effortlessly mixes luxury, modern technology and attention to detail. In each of the 52 rooms you will find everything from essential oil kits and mood lighting control panels to ‘pillow menus’ – and who needs keys when you have a fingerprint ID door access system to play with?

  • Prices from €130 per night.

Hotel Du Petit Moulin – designer boudoir

Once the oldest bakery in Paris, now the building has been fully refurbished to create a small boutique hotel adorned with a large lashing of Christian Lacroix flamboyance. The result is an intimate but very colourful modern boudoir style of accommodation that you certainly won’t forget in a hurry. Each room is uniquely designed and one even features scribbles and drawings taken from Lacroix’s very own sketchbook. Also perfectly located for fashion boutique shopping.

Murano Resort Hotel, Paris on GlobalGrasshopper.com Mama Shelter Hotel, Paris on GlobalGrasshopper.com Hotel des Academies, Paris on GlobalGrasshopper.com Kube Hotel - Cool hotels Paris on GlobalGrasshopper.com

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