Holiday Inn Six Flags

Holiday Inn Six Flags Weddings and BanquetsFor a party your guests won’t forget, choose The Holiday Inn at Six Flags. The Inn’s historic architecture boasts Early American design with vaulted ceilings, exposed oak beams, handcrafted limestone walls, detailed woodwork, and decorative brickwork.

Your guests will be dazzled by the old world craftsmanship while enjoying the modern amenities, professional service, and commitment to quality that are part of every Holiday Inn experience. We’re friendly and fun, and we love helping our guests plan and pull off an event that’s everything you want it to be.

The Perfect Choice for Your Special Event

With a welcoming ambiance of elegance, warmth, and comfort, your guests will enjoy an atmosphere perfect for group meetings. We prepare the space and do the footwork so you can focus on hosting and enjoying your event.

From large wedding receptions to intimate anniversary gatherings, from fun-filled church retreats to productive corporate meetings, bring your event to Holiday Inn for a day as memorable, unique, and successful as you’ve imagined.

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It's Interesting
  • X-Flight is a steel Wing Coaster at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois. The 3,000-foot (910 m) long ride features barrel rolls and high-speed drops. One of the signature features of the ride is an extreme fly-through, where the coaster speeds toward a structure before making a last-second vertical flip to fit through a keyhole...

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Popular Q&A

When is holiday in the park at Six Flags over Texas?

Six Flags Over Texas celebrates its annual Holiday in the Park, November 28 - January 4, presented by Chase. Holiday in MORE?

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