The Ritz Hotel Cape Town South Africa

Cape Town Ritz HotelCape Town Ritz Hotel “The ultimate in hospitality with a view to match”

Just off the bustling main street of Sea Point, the Cape Town Ritz is within a short walk of fabulous beaches and the popular Sea Point Promenade, with its cosmopolitan collection of walkers and joggers.

The Cape Town Ritz also enjoys close proximity to the spectacular V&A Waterfront, today one of South Africa’s main tourist attractions, which is within a 20 minute walking distance. Great accommodation overlooking the best views in the Cape Peninsula.

Although convenient to a vast selection of restaurants, the Top of the Ritz is still one of the most popular attractions. The restaurant, situated on the 21st floor, revolves one full circle every 90 minutes, revealing unsurpassed views of the twinkling lights, illuminated Table Mountain, world famous V&A Waterfront, historic Robben Island and the moonlight on the bay.

With an excellent menu selection, superb wine list and inexpensive prices, the Top of the Ritz is a special occasion restaurant to be enjoyed often. The tranquil Pool Deck provides a spacious relaxation area adjoining the sun-filled terrace and Cafe Biar Ritz.

Businessmen favour the Cape Town Ritz Hotel as a refreshing location, central to the CBD, yet away from the frantic pace of business pressures. With our very large, modern, fully equipped Banqueting and Conference facilities, the Cape Town Ritz Hotel can cater up to about 700 people.

- Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi
- Room Service from 11h00 to 23h00
- Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service
- Non-smoking rooms
- Inter-connecting rooms
- Safety Deposit boxes
- Luggage Storeroom
- Fax, Mail and Photostat facilities
- Cell phone friendly
- Car rental facility
- Internet Cafe (at walking distance)
- Baby cots and babysitter services (O/R)
- Doctor & Dentist Services on call
- Parking (at extra cost)
- Curiosity shop

Conferencing & Banqueting Facilities:
Businessmen favour this Sea Point landmark hotel as a refreshing location, close to the CBD yet far enough from the pressures of the city to make business a pleasure. Our spacious, fully equipped and thoroughly modern Banqueting and Conference facilities cater for up to 500 people.

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    Swiss hotelier César Ritz, the dismissed former manager of the Savoy Hotel, opened the hotel on 24 May 1906. The building is neoclassical in the Louis XVI manner, built during the Belle Époque to resemble a stylish Parisian block of flats, over...

  • The Hôtel Ritz is a grand palatial hotel in the heart of Paris, the 1st arrondissement. It overlooks the octagonal border of the Place Vendôme at number 15. The hotel is ranked highly among the most prestigious and luxurious hotels in the world and is a member of "The Leading Hotels of the World".
    The hotel, which today has 159 rooms, was...

  • The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C. is the parent company to the luxury hotel chain, Ritz-Carlton Hotels. The hotel company is a subsidiary of Marriott International. The company also has marketing agreements with Bulgari Hotels & Resorts, and two privately owned hotels, the Ritz Hotel, London, and the Hotel Ritz Madrid.
    In 1983, the brand...

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