The Marriott Hotel job application

Preferential Qualities: Often, entry-level positions set an age limit of 16 years old and do not require any formal education, while some locations may mandate high school diplomas. However, management positions may require bachelor's degrees in related fields, such as hospitality or business. Companies may also mandate different amounts of previous experience. Housekeeping jobs often prove the most accessible, with more than 900, 000 employees in the field nationwide. Also fairly reachable, desk clerk positions include more than 200, 000 personnel. Only about 50, 000 positions work across the U.S. in managerial capacities within the lodging industry.

On the Job: Duties for workers in all hotel roles vary but should collectively accomplish create desirable and comfortable living accommodations for guests during hotel stays. Hotel companies often require employees to work evening, overnight, weekend, and holiday shifts, so flexible availability may prove necessary, as well.

To Apply: Candidates may find success applying for positions by navigating company websites or visiting hotels in person to inquire about job openings. Job placement usually requires at least one interview with hiring managers in order to secure an offer. Most positions require guest interactions, so pleasant attitudes and interpersonal capabilities often prove favorable during application and interviewing processes. Professional dress when meeting personnel may also prove beneficial toward employment consideration.

Hotel Job Descriptions

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Job Duties - Like any managerial worker, a hotel manager organizes and motivates workers while supervising the operations of the hotel or a department within the hotel. A manager is responsible for carrying out administrative tasks, like reviewing applications from job candidates, hiring new employees, firing workers who aren’t right for the company, and training new hires. Managers must also diffuse tense situations and provide service to customers.

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Popular Q&A

why do you want a job in marriott hotel? | Yahoo Answers

I you got an email offering a job there, it's fake.

Does Marriott rely on immigrant labor to fill many hotel jobs?

A: We have huge numbers of Hispanics, Haitians and Mongolians. We have more than 30 different languages spoken in our hotels. We have many Eastern Europeans. Most of them are in housekeeping and working in the kitchens and laundries. If we didn't have people working in our hotels from other countries, we'd be out of business.

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