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Are you planning for a long trip holiday with your friends and family? You can find number of places around the world for getting great experience.  Koh Chang is the best place to enjoy your trip with your loved ones.  It is one of the beautiful islands that are really a great destination for those who want to get away from that entire hectic schedule for enjoying the pleasant time with their loved ones. But it is really very important before deciding to go for a holiday you need to search for all the ways that will help to make your trip better and enjoyable.

These days everything is available over the internet and one can easily pay attention for all those things that are really require making your trip amazing and fantastic. Before planning the trip it is important to understand that How to get to Koh Chang? As koh Chang is the place that you are not at all aware, so it is necessary to search for the good transports, guide and the hotel from where you can stay without any difficulty and spread out a great experience in koh Chang Island with your family and friends.

Here are some of the steps to make your trip easy and safe

  • Move to Bangkok airport: It’s time to start up your journey the way to koh Chang Island is Bangkok. The Bangkok is one of the easiest and the accurate method to go Koh Chang Island.  Keep all you belonging try to book up your ticket over a month before to enjoy your peaceful journey. Before entering into the flight check all the important stuff that is been required at the time of your journey.
  • Stay full night on Bangkok: For reaching up your destination you have to stay full night in the city Bangkok. Here are plenty of great hotels from where you can reside easily with huge amount of facilities. Try to book the hotels before hands or you can also have a deep research about the kind of hotel you are willing to stay in and can enjoy the overnight sound sleep in a comfortable place.
  • Book a port: After all these now it’s time to reach your right destination that is Koh Chang Island. You will get a tuk tuk’s that is one of the greatest and the joyful experience from which there is only 10 minutes of journey to your destination in which your couch price is been included. The one of the most exciting thing is that you will get number of couch during the time of your journey and this will help to book one of those and who will make your trip more happening by making you aware of all the things around.
  • Arrive at your destination: It is a bit relief when you arrive at your destination that is Koh Chang Island, after reaching the Island you can take a taxi for enjoying the next level of journey and having a great fun with your loved ones. You will find number of things that will surely make your trip really amazing.

  • Prepare the right documents

Unless you are taking your own bike to Thailand, which can be a fun trip, it is likely that you will be renting one on the spot. To organize yourself and prepare for a smooth process, you will need to have:

motorcycle touring

  • Your passport. It it will maybe happen that you will be asked to leave it at the place where you are renting your bike from.
  • An international driving license. This will be useful to the renting shop but also to the police in case you get pulled over. As national licenses are not recognized in other countries than your own, you will need to get it changed to an international one. It can be done easily at your local police prefecture
  • Choose the right bike

Ask yourself what use of the bike you will have during your motorcycle touring.

  • How many kilometers a day?
  • On which type of roads?
  • For how much time?
  • How many kilometers in total?

These different questions will help you determine which model and type of engine you will need. In Thailand, you will find a range of two-wheels vehicles going from a 108cc Honda Scoopy all the way to a BMW F800GS.

Take also into account if whether you will be alone or accompanied on the motorcycle. If you have a pillion she/he has to be comfortable behind you – as she/he will spend as much time on the bike as you will! Look out for comfortable seats, preferably two separate ones rather than a single-construction one.

Be careful! Before handing out any money to the renting shop, ask about your insurance. Who is covered? The bike? Yourself?  If there’s none and something happens, you will have to pay for damages and repairs. Also, check the entire engine before driving off (brakes, lights, tyre threads…). You can easily take pictures with your phone, which can act as proof in case of disagreement with the shop.

3 Get a helmet

Despite what you may be able to observe in the streets, wearing a helmet is compulsory. It is the case for the pilot, and the passenger too! You are likely to get pulled over and pay a fine if you are not respecting the law. A responsible motorcycle biker would never drive without any helmet! Think about safety first.

4  Inform yourself on the local way of riding

Whichever country you are from, it is likely that the way of driving in Thailand is different. If it’s one of your first motorcycle tours in Thailand, big chances are that you will need time to adapt to the local way. Be reassured, Thailand has road rules and are most of the time well respected! But you may find yourself in unknown situations in big cities such as Bangkok or Chiang Mai.

  • Be consistent and predictable
  • Drive in a defensive kind of way and be constantly vigilant
  • Drive to the road
  • Be polite, do not encounter in “road rage”. Remember that you are an ambassador of your country.
  • Larger vehicles are dominant on smaller ones – it is the other way around than in occidental countries.

If you are new to motorcycle tours in Thailand and uncertain about how to manage it, you will find scooter lanes on most major roads of the country on which you can go. This space had a minimal interference from other traffic. But if you use it don’t take it as an excuse to go faster! The perfect speed to go to on this lane is of 35-40 kilometers an hour.


Before heading off to the beautiful roads of Thailand, make sure you have checked it is the right season to do so! North Thailand’s best season to ride is from November to January. In February and March, expect some smoke in many areas as it is the time during which farmers undertake their burn-style of agriculture there. Highest peaks of hotness come in April, and monsoon is during June to October. Needless to say that motorcycling rides during this time are not the best option!

Because America is so vast, it is one of the best places in the world for a driving holiday. America’s highways are famous around the world as they stretch for hundreds of miles all over the country.

Exploring America in a classic car or a camper van is the trip of a lifetime for many people, as they journey across the country taking in all the wonderful sights that this amazing country has to offer. People who rented a cheap car with Alamo and toured America often say that they have never had a holiday as exhilarating.

Read this guide to the best driving holidays in America.

Route 66

Route 66 is the most famous road in America. It has been immortalised in books like On The Road by Jack Kerouac and films such as Easy Rider. It was completed in 1926 and became one of the first numbered roads in the country. Route 66 offers some of the most breath-taking stretches of road that the country has to offer. One of the best stretches is the 320-mile section that runs through southern Arizona, which contains the famous desert town of Winslow. Take in breath-taking views of the desert prairie landscape whilst cruising along the open highway. On this route, the road meets the Santa Fe railroad.

Highway 61

Highway 61 runs from New Orleans in the sultry south to the state of Minnesota in the frozen Midwest. This stretch of road takes drivers through swampland at one end and frozen tundra at the other. Passing St Louis and Chicago, the highway is inextricably linked to the music of the area and has the nickname “The Blues Highway”.

California State Route 1

California State Route 1 gives holidaymakers the chance to drive along the pacific coast and take in the best of what the Golden State has to offer. The sun-drenched highway is the epitome of driving on the West Coast. If driving in the winter, it is best to start in northern California and follow the heat down the coast. State Route 1 takes in beautiful beach towns such as Malibu, Big Sur and Santa Monica. Stop off in San Francisco to explore the town and eat some of the famous clams and oysters.

Passing along this route does mean having to stray into metropolitan Los Angeles, but for the most part, the journey will be free of traffic jams.

Interstate 10

Interstate 10 is the southernmost highway in the United States. This is a good option for people who want to escape the cold of winter. It stretches from Santa Monica in southern California all the way to Jacksonville in Florida.

There are many roads to be discovered in America. This is a guide to some of the most well-known, but it is worth doing some additional research before setting out on what could be the journey of a lifetime. The open road awaits – why not plan a route today?


Traveling is a way that you can see more than just your back yard. You can also see more than just other areas in your city or state, and there are some tips to keep in mind to make your experience exciting and memorable.

iPhone 6 case

While you’re away from home, you want to make sure you have a way to keep in touch with family and friends in the event that there is an emergency. Protect your mobile device with an iPhone 6 case or a screen protector so that it doesn’t get damaged. Your phone can also be your camera, which will save room in your suitcase and prevent you from carrying two electronic devices while capturing pictures of your trip.

Patience is a virtue that you must have while traveling. There could be delays at the airport, or you might have to wait for a hotel room to be cleaned. No matter where you go, there is the possibility that you will have to wait, but the end result will be a trip that you will remember for years to come.

If your trip includes visiting attractions of any kind, then you should plan on waking up early. This way, you will beat the crowds that will form during the day. Try to make a schedule so that you visit attractions that won’t be crowded at certain times of the day in order to see as much as possible while on your trip. At some of the attractions, you might not look your best. This is when you laugh at yourself, having fun with your family while you’re away from home.
Keep extra cash on hand. Not every location might take a debit card, and you don’t want to risk someone stealing your information if you use an ATM all the time. Don’t keep all of your extra money in one place in the event that something does happen and your purse or wallet is stolen.

Find locations where you can meet some of the people who live in the area. They can give you tips about where to eat and places to avoid. If you’re visiting a different country, try to learn some of the basic language so that you can communicate with those who work at stores, the people who are at the hotel and those who work at restaurants so that you can order food. While you’re at a restaurant, talk to some of the other customers to find out what is good to eat for someone who is new to the country.

For a long period, limos have been regarded a preserve of the rich a truth that does not have to face true any longer. This is for the simple believe that there is some Limo service in Toronto that provide great offers intended to provide for those who are going for circular visits, visits, marriages or any other occasion that should get selecting these vehicles. As such and because of this, it is significant for making sure that you think about your options properly before making this decision since this is the only way for making sure that you find the best on the market.


Professionalism is essential when it comes to these types of services and because of this, it is best suited to observe that more often than not, they are developed for making sure that quality is not affected on. Preferably, it is also worth noting that they are also damaged down into different groups some of which include SUV’s expand, bus, professional and Hummer limos among others. By selecting for this means of the journey, you can never go wrong since then your vagaries will accept convenience considering the facilities and conditions transferred to making sure that your convenience is improved.

Toronto limos have made it possible for individuals looking for an easy and comfy way of the journey to do so by selecting from a navy of Limousines. In addition to this, this is at cost-effective rates and you do not have any justification for adhering to car services that drop way below your regular objectives. Preferably, these are designed for making sure that all your needs are met and exceeded whenever you want. Most of these drop in the classification of the newest navy and as such, you are placed at freedom to enjoy what a lot of individuals would consider out of range.

Toronto limo rental can be done online if you do not know anyone who can give you suggestions. Ensure that the places you go on visits with the company are worth avoiding over with a limo. You are after all trying to amaze.

When deciding to lease a limousine first figure out on what is the occasion for you leasing one. You also wish to have a program of your perfect night. Afterward, negotiate on what are the places you’ll be leasing the vehicle in. Also, decide on the number of bikers will be controlling within the limousine with you. Lastly, you wish to calculate about how many hours you will use it.

Limo Toronto have modified so significantly through the past years. These vehicles these days come in all unique styles and dimensions. A limo could be developed from simple to luxurious on the medial side and the exterior. Fortunately, we have modified eventually also.

Among the main reasons that create limos in Toronto perfect is the point that these are supplied with perfection and dedication and as such, one can hardly get services that drop below the common objectives. What is more, the car is sent to a place of your choice and as such, this improves convenience on your part.


Traveling with a reliable travel agency is very important because you will be visiting an area that is completely strange to you thus you want to have someone who knows the area very well so that he could guide you throughout. In addition to this, a trustworthy travel agency will also help you to get to know about the area very well. Viet Bamboo Travel is one of the leading travel agency in town that will provide you some attractive packages for your visit to Vietnam. The tour will contain sub tours to some of the breath-taking sceneries of the region. Vietnam is a region that is full of historical heritage and enriches in culture thus a trust worthy travel agency who is very well aware of the culture of the area will also help you to adjust quickly in that region.


There are different packages introduces by Viet Bamboo Travel. The tour packages will contain some outing to some of the mesmerizing places in the region. The best tour package of Viet Bamboo Travel includes a 2 day and 1 night Alova Cruise. It will provide you the opportunity to captivate yourself with the scenic beauty of the region while traveling in water. The cruise will be unique from all another kind of cruises that you have ever made and the company will make sure that you remember it for the rest of your life. If you love to be a part of the cruise then you can also have a tour of 3days and 2 nights.

Tour to the beautiful Mui Ne Beach will just add the touch of beauty in your tour to Vietnam. You will also be provided an opportunity to visit the fishing village that is located at the east end of the beach. You can also walk along the white sand to feel the air of beauty of Asia.

A complete tour to Vietnam is a must when you visit the area once. Viet Bamboo Travel are going to provide you the opportunity to take a full 9-day long glance tour to Vietnam. This is a complete tour that will start from the north and end up on the south. This tour will allow you the chance to discover the true spirit of Vietnam and the cultural heritage that you came for. We assure you that you will be mesmerized to see the Ho Chi Minh City, the ancient Hoian city, the royal past of Hue and the elegant Hanoi Old Quarter. These are the best tourist spots in the country.



We ensure that our guides can speak and understand English and the local language very well so that they could help you communicate with the locals. In addition to this, we plan the tours perfectly to ensure that our tourists just remember this tour because of the services provided by the Viet Bamboo Travel.


If you are not an online person then you should give it a try, although there is a number of scams a registered online when it is about bookings for traveling tickets or tour packages but on the other hand there are a number of legal and actual agencies are also available online. So, if you want to book Nairobi to Europe flight then you should check it out online. In this regard you need to find out a valid and actual platform with the best ratings and real reviews that are enough to satisfy you. But, keep it in your mind that you will get a number of benefits when you go online as compare to relay on your ticketing agent.


A number of leading online portals offer some of the amazing offers ad discounts when you make bookings with them. They offers you the membership discounts and many other subscriptions long with the cheap flights so you could have the maximum advantage and will get the best flights booked for you. When you jumped online then you will explore a lot of things about the flight bookings and much more that will lets you to have more benefits online.

Best Packages

In order to locate the best portal you will pass though a number of sites and portals and most of them are the traveling agency portals that not only offers you the cheap flights bookings but some of the attractive packages that lets you to approach more profit and have an excellent tour form Nairobi to Europe. So, to explore more about the tour and the amazing packages it is the best options that you will search it out online and make your bookings online. It is not necessary that you will only hit by a scam or fraud in fact you can get one of the best and most reliable online agents that will provide you long term and reliable services in future.

Comparative Analysis

When you are making bookings online then you do have option to look for other options easily as you do not have to move from your place and everything you will get on your portable device. So, here you can simply analyze the performance, pricing and reviews of different airlines and evaluate that which one is better for you. This will help you a lot to know about the flight status and your traveling condition as well. When you compare the flights or airlines then you can also approach the customer reviews that are very much helpful.

Subscriptions and Newsletters

Ultimately when you book Nairobi to Europe flight online with an online portal it will offer you the subscriptions and newsletters that will provide you further details about the packages and offers. In this newsletter you will get to know about the other tours plans and more about tourism. If you love to travel and want to have some of the expert advices on your side then this is the best options you could have.

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The studies, the busy life of office and then comes the old age. Why do you have to make life so boring and complicated? It is high time that you escape from this mundane life and do something that gives a meaning to your life.  Travel to your dream places and make memories that you can talk about.

Now, when it comes to doing exciting things, South West Florida takes the show.

Here’s a list of things that you must do here before you die.

  • The Music life of Punta Gorda Guitar Army is something that you cannot afford to leave out. They will give you one of the best nights of your life with their jam sessions.
  • If you are a car lover, you cannot miss out visiting the Collier Automobile. Here you can find a collection of all your favorite vintage cars that you dreamt of! The rarest innovations find a place here.
  • Book a hotel with a beachfront and watch the beauty of the sun at its best.
  • As a food lover, do not forget to savor the corned beef hash and of course the French toast.
  • Visit The Skump Ape Research Centre. Do not forget to take a picture with the giant panther statue there.
  • Visit the famous Arcade Theatre and see a show which will take back you to late 1900 times.
  • You will taste the best leeches of your life here.
  • Visit the Ortiz Flea Market and find yourself amongst 500+ vendors selling everything that you could think about.
  • As an art lover, do not forget to pay a visit to the Art Museum in Sarasota.
  • If you like adventures, take the Friday night drag race.
  • Try the Stone Crabs in Everglades City.
  • Laugh your heart out at the various comedy clubs like Off the Hook.
  • Do visit the Solomon’s Castle in Ona known for its beautiful sculptures and historical art.
  • Do not miss out on the Edison Festival of Light parade. Here you will find participants from all over the nation along with marching bands.

There is still a long list to go. Book your tickets to experience them all!

The Famous Fort Myers

Fort Myers is indeed the heart and soul of South West Florida. The best thing is that it is adventurous, beautiful and enthralling but also very affordable. You can spend hours in this place without getting bored with the surety that your money has been put to the best use.

The sand beaches here won’t cost you anything but will present before you the beauty of the setting sun and splashing water under your feet.

You could take a walk through the Art Walk and have a look at the galleries that are sure to leave you spellbound. For adventure sports, here is the Manatee Park.

You will spot here the marine giants known as manatees!

If you haven’t visited this place, you’re surely missing out on life. You Must Do Visitor Guides and make the best out of this incredible place!

When the time comes to travel abroad, you have a choice of economy, business, and first-class tickets. Although it might appear at first glance that economy is the smartest choice, it is simply not the truth. There is nothing quite so lovely as a three-course meal, compared to the simple sandwich and drink offered in other cabins. Imagine a flight attendant spreading her time among just six other passengers, as opposed to the 50 sitting behind you.

Unlike a few decades ago, when first class was occupied almost exclusively by businesspeople, you can now spot many different kinds of passengers enjoying the comfortable seats. You might even have the chance to catch a glimpse of a celebrity on their way from or to a movie set. The reasons to fly first-class are hard to ignore, and you deserve the best out of your trip to New York this year.

Faster Check-in and Security

The first-class experience can be felt the moment you start the process of getting into the airport, as you often have your own designated area to check in. You even get to proceed directly from check-in to your own security line just for first-class ticket holders and those coach holders with elite status with the airline. First class flights to New York allow you to arrive closer to your departure time without the fear of long security lines.

Access to the Lounge

With your first-class ticket, you gain access to the lounge as you wait for your departure time. Inside, the noise levels are at a minimum, and there are drinks available for you to sit back and enjoy with the other first-class passengers as you wait. In the economy seating, there is nothing to do but sit and listen to people talk on their phones or watch children make messes. Airport such as London Heathrow have lounge facilities with everything from a spa service to a noodle bar. With so much luxury to enjoy before you even set foot on the plane, many people opt for first-class for this reason alone.

Board Before Anyone Else

If you have ever flown before, you have likely seen or even been a member of the large crowd that gathers around the departure gate area in hopes of getting on first. These men and women are often those with the most bags in tow, who hope to get on first and take up all the overhead space. Along with these rushers are those who have not flown before and do not know that they will be called by section.

Unlike all of these people, you have the right to board first, which means you can take your time boarding the plane without any of the crowding or stolen bag space. In fact, you will have your own space to place your items, away from the overhead bins of the economy class. Once you walk onto the plane and find your seat, you will be welcomed warmly and offered a beverage of your choice and a snack. Compared to the canned soda and tiny package of peanuts available to the economy class, this is an enormous step up in comfort. Travel to New York in style and comfort this year. You deserve it.

Camping is overall a fun activity. Most of our youth likes to go for camping with their friends in the young age. There are many advantages and disadvantages of camping. Few of them are given below:

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When we talk about the advantages of camping, there are so many to count. The biggest advantage that you can get by going to camping is the distraction and peace of mind. Working on a routine for so many days can tired up anyone, so to make their mind fresh and healthy, everyone needs a break for a while. Unfortunately, in this world, people do take holidays to relax themselves, but what actually happens is they get engaged with the household activities and with a lot of family drama that they won’t find any time for themselves. As a result, instead of getting relaxed, they get more depressed and want to go back to their work. At this moment, what they actually need is some time away from each and everything and that my friend can be achieved by going for camping. So pack your bags and check the family tent reviews before buying any types of tents. They can actually help you decide what to buy and what to reject.

Apart from getting distracted, you can make a strong connection with nature by camping. As everything around you is totally natural and there is no extra human interaction, you can make a pure connection with God and nature. This can be done by doing yoga and other types of meditation. Believe me or not, this is the best benefit of camping. Don’t forget, nature has the ultimate power to heal anything.

There are so many health benefits if you are wondering. Everything around you is purely natural. Whatever you eat, drink or even breathe is pure, so it is all beneficial for your health. The more you stay, the more you get healthy in a natural environment. Eating fresh fruits and breathing fresh air is something only lucky people can have.


There are so many disadvantages too. There are many people who think that camping is a time wasting activity and they are correct in a sense that on camping you need some extra time in case of any mishap. Apart from that, it requires a lot of money as well. This is the reason why most of the people can’t go on camping with their friends. Camping is done in a natural environment so there is a pretty good chance of encountering some wild animals too. For that you need some weapon and some training as well.

Going on camping for many days can make you home sick too. Most people start missing their family and relatives and this make their trip useless. Don’t forget that the main purpose of camping is to make you happy and satisfied and if you are not feeling any of these then I am afraid, camping is something that does not suit you in any way.