The gorgeous island of Koh Lanta remains one of the top tourist destinations. Located off the Andaman Coast of Southern Thailand, this island is recognized for its beautiful white beaches and access to a variety of fun tourist activities.


Koh Lanta is a wonderful destination with lots to keep you busy. This includes visiting the beach, sightseeing, dining, clubbing, and finding the perfect place to stay. Explore the top 5 things to do in Koh Lanta.

#1 – Find a Relaxing Hotel or Resort

The first thing to do in Koh Lanta is to find lodging. You could stay at a 5-star resort or look for something a little more rustic. Whichever option you choose you should book your room in advance. The Koh Lanta area is becoming increasingly popular. Make your reservations as far in advance as possible.

The majority of the top resorts in Koh Lanta feature full-service accommodations. A friendly staff will cater to your every need. Enjoy a luxurious stay in a quality spa. Indulge yourself with room service and other amenities.

#2 – Walk Along the Beach and Enjoy Water Activities

After checking into your hotel, you should explore the nearest beach. There are nearly a dozen different beaches around the Western coastline of Koh Lanta. The Eastern coastline is not fully developed, with the majority of resorts, dining, and entertainment located on the western side of the island.

Long Beach is one of the northernmost beaches and is home to the most development. The beach is less crowded, but it is also not as well maintained. Further south, you will find the pristine beaches that you see in postcards.

Once you get to the beach, you can relax on the sand or enjoy one of the many available water activities. You could go scuba diving, snorkeling, or take a boat tour around the surrounding area.

#3 – Enjoy Original Cuisine and Fine Dining

There is no shortage of restaurants, food stalls, and vendors to keep you full. While enjoying your stay in Koh Lanta, indulge in original cuisine that you will not find anywhere else in the world. There is a dish to satisfy all your culinary needs.

The inhabitants of Koh Lanta and the surrounding region actually contain a mixture of cultures. There is more than traditional Thai food on the island. You will find culinary staples from China, Vietnam, and other regions.

If there is one item that you will find at almost every restaurant or bar it is coconuts. You can find coconuts severed just about everywhere. It is used for drinks and in a wide variety of different meals and desserts.

There are also several markets and many food stalls located throughout the most populated areas of Koh Lanta. If you stick the road, you will surely pass some of these stalls during your travels.

#4 – Go Clubbing or Have a Few Drinks

Whether your idea of nightlife is clubbing and dancing at the discos or simply sitting back with a beer, Koh Lanta caters to all lifestyles. You can find popular dance clubs near the beachfront throughout Koh Lanta, as well as bars with a more relaxed atmosphere.

The time of year will also have an impact on the nightlife scene. Typically, during the winter holidays and spring break, the entire island comes to life. If you want to avoid the crowd, you could travel in November or February.

#5 – Spend Some Time Taking in the Sights

Book a Koh Lanta ferry and go sightseeing during your stay. While there are plenty of other activities to keep you busy near your hotel or resort, you should get away from your lodgings and explore the island.

Koh Lanta and the surrounding waters offer some of the most beautiful sights that you will come across in your lifetime. This includes Tham Khao Maikaeo and Koh Lanta National Park.

The park offers hiking and other attractions. There are also campsites and various trails. You will find a lighthouse along your way and bungalows for rent. If you do not like the idea of traveling the trail on your own, you could take part in a guided hiking tour.

Tham Khao Maikaeo is a landmark located on Koh Lanta. It is a series of caverns and tunnels that were created in the limestone formations around the island. Tours are available. You may need to call the tour company ahead of time to make arrangements. Though, most of the tours only take a couple of hours.

Koh Lanta is a gorgeous island. If you want to plan an unforgettable vacation, then consider taking a trip to Koh Lanta. Remember these suggestions as you make travel arrangements. Planning ahead can help you see more of the island. Use these tips and perform some additional research. Have fun exploring everything that Koh Lanta has to offer.

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Those wondering how to market their tourism companies and blogs on Instagram will greatly benefit from this. First, one needs to create an account and add photos. This should be done from the phone so that the creator understands just how the end product will look. Put some thought into the profile picture and the username, and make it look so good that the people who encounter it will follow without thinking too much about the decision. During the first few days, post up to 15 photos of what will be on offer such that the account does not look too new. The images, just like the profile, should be eye catching and nice. This should, however, be the only time that one is allowed to post that many photos in a day. Post at most three photos daily after that.


After the foundation, what follows next is the growth stage. Those who desire quick results might want to opt for bots and tools like Instamacro. For those who do not mind going it the long way, this is the beginning of the hard work. Start by following other people, preferably with the same interests. Every travel agency is different, so at this stage it is important to know one’s target audience and follow the people they would consider important. People followed receive notifications and will likely follow the account if it is impressive. Another useful channel for gathering followers is by liking other people’s photos. It is said that when people feel appreciated, they generally return the favor. Liking will also have the account recognized both by customers and the account whose photos are being liked. Commenting has the same effect but is a bolder statement. Commenting is better done manually in order to target the best photos and create meaningful connections.

Personal connection

Just like one would market their blogs or websites, using personal connections is a great way to get ahead through Instagram. Chances are that among the people who are already established in the industry, one will likely know a few personally. Ask them to post something about the site to further the account. One could also ask them to have their content posted on the new account and tag them.


One could take advantage of what is going on without necessarily directly involving others. Hashtags are a useful way of doing this, promoting visibility and interactivity. Hashtags can also be used to involve the followers and likers through the organization of contests.


The beginning stages are mostly about how one dazzles and how they leverage their connections to grow. Even then, it is important to create a unique image of themselves and their company. Before starting, think about the image to be projected and the theme. Identify the page aesthetics and stick to them.

Starting out on Instagram might seem scary at first, but when well done, it is a powerful marketing medium for tourism agencies, blogs and companies.


Stephanie Clarke is an experienced social media marketer. She specializes in advising clients on how to use Instagram marketing tools like Instamacro and how to give the most to their followers.

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Switzerland is one of the most popular destinations and there are many who like to visit this beautiful world of different spots. People who love winters head to Geneva for the popular Swiss and French alpine ski resorts. There are many relaxing and unique vacation destinations that people are going to find here. However, to make sure that your vacation is pleasing and happening from the beginning, you must have Geneva airport transfers services are booked.

Reasons to hire airport transfer services

  • The driver is waiting for you outside the airport even if your flight is delayed. They also provide your assistance with your luggage
  • These services are the best way to reach your destination after a long tiring flight
  • There are a variety of options to choose from such as minibus for large families and cars for couples.
  • You enjoy total comfort while travelling with them and you can also make sure that you are in safe hands. An authorized transfer service has licensed and registered drivers.
  • There is no need to wait for a taxi outside the terminal; neither have you to share your taxi with others. You can enjoy your privacy completely.
  • These services are available 24×7 so no matter you are arriving or reaching the Geneva airport you have transfer assistance waiting for you
  • The best thing is that you do not have to pay additional fee for your equipments or transporting. They also offer reasonable cost due to competition among  the companies
  • If you have kids or  old people, then you might instantly want to reach your destination and this is the time when transfer services come quite handy

Booking of the airport transfer services

After ensuring that the services are reliable and reputed, you need to get started with the process to hire them. The Geneva airport transfers give you a complete peace of mind and satisfaction. The airport transfer services are also helpful to make you able to reach the destined place in a simple and quick manner. One needs to be hired the services, according to the time and the date of visit. So, it is important to provide them with the necessary details so that they can reach you on the time.

Booking of such services can be done very quickly because of the internet. On the web, you can find many airport transfer providers, which seem to be a great option to reach the place on time. Along with the safe and reliable services, they offer the transfer on time. You are not going to be delayed to reach your place, whether it is a hotel, a resort or something else.

Go online

In order to book such services, you must read the terms and conditions associated with every provider. If they seem to be perfect and reputed, you can book the services online. They will definitely help you in providing with excellent and high quality services right from the airport to your destination. Without any mess, they can aid you in reaching the place safely.

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Everyone knows that traveling can be a stressful concern, if you do not know how to travel from one place to another. It is the most awkward situation, when you are flying from one place to another, whether using domestic or international flights. No matter whether you are visiting a domestic city or international place for a personal or business trip, the airport transfer services come in handy option. It is due to the fact that you will have to find a conveyance to reach your hotel or other staying place, once you have reached the airport. Of course, you do not want such things to take place, when you are traveling in a long flight.

An alternative to taxis

These Grenoble transfers are the best and safe alternative option to taxis. They are a kind of taxi service, but having some differences in booking process. When you want to get a comfortable ride to your hotel, then these services are in a handychoice. These services are available for families, executives, small or large business associate groups. Moreover, to replace the need of boarding on a train, bus other mode of transportation, these services are a great alternative.

Considering the selection of airport transfer services can help you in getting the best ride in an easy and safe manner. The transfers are done with a clean, private car with highly professional and licensed drivers, who are trained very well. All such things can really add a great value to your trip, making it the most memorable one.In previous times, in order to book airport transfers, there was a need to experience long documentation process, in which the paper work was needed. Nowadays, due to the presence of the internet, such things have replaced to a great extent. Now, you do not need to prepare papers to hire an airport transfer service. Just make sure to visit a safe and reliable provider, offering airport transfer services at your destination city.

An easy to use service

These services are very easy to use because of greater convenience and accessible features. Once you have reached your destined airport, a professional and experienced driver will load your luggage into a maintained car and take you directly to your destination, whether it is a hotel or a family known friend, or anywhere else. There is no need to go through lengthy contracts to book airport transfer services.

Look online

The best way to book the Grenoble transfersis to go online and find out a reliable provider. The services are very easy and safe to book. Just provide them with the necessary details, like when you will fly, where to reach and many others. Theygive youcomplete information about the charges; you need to pay to them. Of course, it also depends on you how you search about a particular airport transfer provider in order to stay away from the frustrations, after reaching airport or destined location. So, book your airport transfer services well in advance with complete research work.

Angel Investing: Is it OK for a Startup?

If you’re a budding entrepreneur with a great idea, you’re probably looking for ways to finance your startup. One of the rising trends in small business startup finance is the use of one or more investors. Unlike venture capitalists that invest in a company hoping to reap massive financial rewards, angel investors typically invest smaller amounts to help get a business up and running. Some of today’s hottest technology companies, including Facebook and Uber, got off the ground with the help of angel investors. How can angel investing help finance your startup?


Image Credit

Lay the Groundwork

Angel investor financing is an attractive option for entrepreneurs. Typically, angels give more favorable terms than traditional lenders and focus on the person or people behind the idea more than the business itself. That’s not to say, however that an angel investor will hand over money simply because of your sparkling personality. You need to lay the groundwork before approaching an angel investor for backing. Angel investing is risky and investors only take on the risk if they feel comfortable with you and your business model.

Businesses are only successful if they fill a need. Begin by writing a business plan that fully outlines your idea and includes information about marketing opportunities and strategies. If you have a few customers already, perfect. Proof of traction is one of the core conditions investors look for. Work out your financial requirements. Investors want details, including how much you plan to raise and what your projections are.

Come up with a brief elevator pitch for your business idea. Angels are more likely to help if you have a clear idea of what your business is and does. Product or service prototypes and models are also a plus.

Angel investors will want, of course, to know that you and your team are skilled enough to start a business and make it work. Enthusiasm, experience and, yes, your sparkling personality do come into play.

Where’s Your Angel?

Angel investors come from a variety of sources, including professionals in the same field, other entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, crowdfunding venues, including Indiegogo and Kickstarter, and family and friends.

Before agreeing to terms, make sure you and your angel investor are a good fit with personalities and goals that mesh. Ask if they’ve worked with other entrepreneurs and how they helped. Ask about how they plan to help you with your business.  Of course you may want to “go it alone” or decide after consultation that you were rather not pursue your initially intended idea you can always seek external advice from alternative places like Robert Stones Target Markets who deals with property investment abroad.

Angel Investor Trends in 2016

Angel investing is expected to continue its rapid growth and new trends are emerging. Some of the hottest investing industries include biotech, digital health and green technologies. Support for entrepreneurs is growing using connecting networks that promote success.

Angel investors as a group are expected to diversify, with more people in their 30s and 40s getting involved. The number of women angel investors is projected to grow at a significant rate. Increased investing globally is already a growing trend that is likely to continue as time goes on.

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Munich is one of the greatest cities in the whole world. Munich has been the choice of tourists for many years now. Millions of people travel every year to this city via Munich airport for many different purposes and one of those is to Ski. Skiing is one of the exciting ways that the people enjoy their vacation. They visit Munich and the surrounding places, travel to Austria for there are also several resorts there. The Munich airport is in the heart of the city. It can be accessed easily by the tourists and others as it is connected by motorways which flow directly to the major parts of the country and surroundings.

Ski resorts

There are more than 300 ski resorts near Munich airport. All round the year there are competitions and other festivals held during the season of skiing. This is when the number of tourists increases. This is also when Munich airport transfers to ski resorts are most needed. Not every person lives there and has own car. Not many people can afford it. This is when these transport services come in handy. Also, many of the people who go there for skiing are tourists. As tourists, they look for options to reach those skiing resorts in Munich and other places. With over more than 300 ski resorts from Munich airport within 3 hours of drive, it is not a problem to choose or to be at a place, especially when there are special Munich airport transfers to ski resorts.

The need for an airport transfer

After landing at an airport, there are many choices of transportation. There are personal cars, or friends can provide the pickup services, or the airport transfers can be used. This is an easy way. There are many websites today that allow the passengers to book the cars and other vehicles even before they get to the airport. Booking early can be very helpful and can save people the hectic task of finding a transport right after landing at the airport.

Another benefit that the people enjoy is that the driver will pick them up at their choice of destination to and from the airport to the resort. The booking of cars is both ways, to the airport from the resorts and from the Munich airport to the ski resorts.

Going for a vacation there is a lot of luggage and also more than one person on board. It is a wise decision to choose a Munich airport transfer to travel to these extraordinary and brilliant resorts for skiing. It is a good sign for the passengers and tourists that the ski resorts which are provided services for are never ending. Not just the ski resorts near Munich airport are services and provided transportation, but also those that are far away even in Austria. This is why it is important to get an airport transfer to these ski resorts in Munich, with these airport transfer services there is no hassle at all for travelling.


Baratang Island is quite undiscovered from the tourist perspective. Because of its virgin appeal and natural marvels, this is one of best part of your journey to Andaman Islands. In Baratang Island, you can see Parrot Island, Limestone Caves,mangrove and tropical forests,Mud Volcano, and one great deserted beach at Baludera. Other unique beaches are likewise easily accessible from Baratang such as Lalaji Bay Beach,Merk Bay Beach in North Passage Island, and so on

Baratang includes the just recognized examples of mud volcanoes in India. These mud volcanoes have emerged sporadically, with recent eruptions in 2005 thought to have been related to the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake.


From Baratang Island (Nilambur Jetty) it’s a half an hour boat trip to Nayadera jetty followed by one and half km, stroll through a tropical forest to reach the Limestone Caves. Inside the caves you’ll find enormous sedimentary limestone developments, some hanging from the leading and some growing from the ground.


From the creek it’s a 250-300 mtrs stroll through the tropical forest surroundings to recah Mud Valcano. Developed by underground gases, it’s a mini volcano with an abundant, velvety mud crater at the top.


Another must-see destination is Parrot Island The experience at Parrot Island at sundown, when all the parrots are returning house is certainly an enchanting experience. For this a night’s stay is needed at Baratang.

The Great Nicobar Island

The biggest of the Nicobar Islands in India, the fantastic nicobar island covers an area of 1,045 sq kilometers. The island is nevertheless sparsely occupied with a population of around 10,000. The area was significantly influenced by the 2004 tsunami in the Indian ocean leading to numerous deaths and was cut off from the outside world for a few days. The fantastic Nicobar island is understood extensively for its jungle that homes a varied wild animals, and is likewise a part of the World biosphere reserve.

Viper Island

This island has lost of snakes, thus it is named as Viper Island. The islands are popular for the ruins of a prison that precedes the cellular prison or the Kaalapaani. The prison was previously utilized to jail political detainees and we can still see the ruins of the gallows at this island. The prison had lots of significant political detainees from India’s battle to self-reliance. The place no matter how infamous it was throughout the colonial period is a stunning place, which is among the most crucial traveler locations in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Traveler locations in Andaman and Nicobar Islands are well-known for their relaxing and charming beaches, an abundant reserve of unique plants and animals. It is a hard job to consist of all the locations you can check out in these island paradise however we have a made a modest effort to discuss the locations which we considered are of prime significance and must find a place in every trip schedule


In the time you visit a pace for the very first time and you do not know about the place then the first time you should not of it. The main not of it is to know the facilities within and outside of the airport and most importantly if there are any good private as well as cheapest airport transfers available in the country or the location you are staying like Alps2Alps – ski transfers. Like other good transfer service Alps2Alps is one of the most reliable and affordable cab services to all French, Swiss, Austrian as well as Italian ski resorts and airports at cheap price.

Budget Transfer Service to Airport

This type of transfer service generally good for all types of travelers, but at the same time it is cheap for those people who seek for comfortable and timely airport transfer, this is really impressive to the passengers, because the first impression stays longer. The mentioned cities have enough transport facilities but a few private transports are there by which you can get reliable and affordable service and to keep in mid Alps2Alps airport transfer service started its journey. So you should only hire a good and comfortable transfer service for in time transfers.

Best but Cheap Airport Transfer in time

In the time you speak about the good and affordable transfer services, the Alps2Alps airport transfer has earned a very good name as well as it is a best. The Alps2Alps has outstanding facilities in terms of hiring private vehicles from the city location or outside of it all around the country, and the services are very much reasonable as well as genuine that can be afforded by each and every passengers who generally seek for an airport transfer. Airports are generally busy places and most of the passengers like to hire private transport to reach their destination.

What Should You Know About Alps2Alps Transfer

This airport transfer service offers a variety of transport services including passenger transfer services combining with private hires, minicabs as well as cabs to airport. They are very strict in discipline and timely. You can found different cheap level transport service to visit to your desired destination and airport, but here you will find excellent transport service that you will never forget. These types of airport transfer services like Alps2Alps – ski transfers make your trip simpler as well as convenient and also by rendering services with comfortable cars, minicabs and taxis as per your need.

Transfer Service that You Never Forget

Whether you are utilizing any of this type of airport transfer service or you have already used it, then you know surely what the necessities of it are and how you can get all things done in time, also at cheap rate. You will surely not get better service than this for the amount of money you like to spend. Even though some of the buses will not pick you or if they are, they will not drop you, and if they drop you then they will not pick you up, but this service can give you both at cheap rate.


FlightHub is a trip advisor company that allows the customers to book tickets from its website. However many customers have not rated it well because of the technical glitches that the website had. Majority of the customers haven`t reviewed it well which bears testimony to the fact that the company has been floating with issues since past. It may be because of rise in ticket prices, or too much time consumed in ticket booking or not any solution to the issues customers facing.

Why the customers are losing faith in the website?

The prime reason why the customers have not given it a green signal and there have been rough raving reviews regarding is the fact that many customers have been trying to share their concerns with the company on the help line but all the efforts seem to be going in vain. There has been no response to the queries of customers. Many customers have tried calling 10 20 and even 30 times but no technical help has erupted from the company`s end. The company is all ears to problems but has not come up with any solutions whatsoever.

Leading news channel better business bureau or BBB has given warning to FlighHub regarding the faults in their services and large sections of people complaining about it. These people have given raised their concerns on other forums and have questioned the services of the company. The website has asked the company`s board of directors to look into the issues of people and given an answer as to why such problems are cropping up. Also large section of people complained about being cheated by the company since they do not get their refundable amount back after cancelling the ticket. The bureau BBB claimed that it has been after the company since February 2014, and the company has been facing flak by the bureau as well as the people. The company FlightHub showed initial willingness to resolve the issue but has not shown any results to the complaints lodged by the people on their website. According to BBB, the company solved few of the problems at first but the same issues have cropped up again. The website owners have been silent over this. There has been lot of several other issues by every customer, but no solutions at all.

The travel industry council of Ontario has also raised the issue with the website and has asked for a clarification from the company. There have been many customers who have taken their queries to other forums and have asked other agencies to intervene and solve their issue of payments. Majority of these people are the ones who have some payment issues with the company and they want their money back. FlighHub has not responded even to CBC news which has been getting in contact with the company but no response has been received so far. There has been a big outrage over the company`s way of functioning and dealing with the customers.


Tajikistan is the most popular and famous ancient country in Central Asia. People are concerned to know about antique history and culture can visit this place for their vacation. It is the right location to have great time with your family away from your residence. Tajikistan is highly filled with wonderful attractions and so you can have astonishing time away from your work pressure. Explore beautiful rivers and lofty mountain ranges in the region. It is important that you want to plan your trip with the help of professional tourist guide. First, you want to decide that how long will you spend your time in Tajikistan and then contact the best tourist specialist to assist you with the best attractions.

  • Explore the sightseeing attractions during winter
  • Pleasing weather take you to have more delight and pleasure
  • Acquire the prospect to watch most famous glaciers

Obtain guidance from tourist guide

There are more numbers of tourist experts are accessible in the internet. It is important that you want to search for the best one by spending your time and efforts. Read the customers reviews in the tourist guide website to know about their experience and service. Once you find the right tourist expert, you can contact the professionals immediately. They will assist you by providing all delights present in Tajikistan and so you can choose the desired one as per your personal desires. The support team is available at all time and so you can meet your needs in a short time. Even you can get the best offers in your trip with the help of tourist experts. Even you can make a live chat with the experts at any instance.

Wonder on new attractions and tradition

Incredible valleys, rivers and mountains are present in Tajikistan and so it is the perfect choice for green tourism. Huge museums are present in this region and so you can stare on different attractive things in high range. You can spend little time with your family in the bazaar. The country is really a great relaxing place and it is comprised with various parks and so your kids will enjoy their time. Unique temples and monuments are the main reasons for its popularity in all over the world. Mountain routes may be dangerous and so you have to take appropriate steps for safe travel. Visit this great place during your vacation so that you can have more bliss and enjoyment with your family or friends.