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When you say ‘wildlife safari’, the first picture that comes to mind is of Africa. With around 11.7 million sq miles, it is the second largest continent, and also the second most populous. One of the highlights of the continent is definitely its wildlife and has one of the largest wildlife populations in the world. Be it carnivores or herbivores, these animals move about freely and can be spotted easily.

Apart from the five big animals of Africa which include rhinos, elephants, lions, leopards and buffaloes, there are just 400 species of birds alone and more than 95 species of other animals including reptiles, amphibians and mammals. In fact, the Masai Mara Reserve is reputed to be the only place in entire Africa that has such abundant population of diverse wildlife population.  It was made a protected area with the sole intention of protecting wildlife from hunters and poaching activities.

African National Parks

Here are some of the best african safari tours in the famous National Parks of Africa.

The Serengeti National Park: This is another attraction of Tanzania. With an area spread over 5,700 sq miles, it has a great diversity of wildlife population. There is the wildebeest population which can be spotted during its visits to the region and zebras can be spotted all the time.  It is one of the most popular safari destinations in Africa and visitors can opt for different types of accommodation, be it luxury lodges or the adventurous mobile camps.

Bwindi Forests: If you wish to visit one safari that mirrors the uniqueness of Africa, then you should head to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, located in Uganda.  Due to its exceptional ecosystem, it is a world heritage site.  A safari tour to these forests can also be referred to the gorilla tour as most visitors come here to see the gigantic gorilla population. A safari tour to the Bwindi impenetrable forest means you get to taste the adventure, the excitement and the closeness to nature.

Ahaggar National Park: Located in Algeria, the Ahaggar National Park has an amazing landscape, with 3000 meter of mountain range, and a colossal wasteland. The classic dunes of the desert are a must-see.  It is also a safe place to visit contrary to reports. Those who wish to experience nomadic culture and a desert landscape should visit the park. It is serene and peaceful, not just to the eyes but to the mind as well.

 Kidepo Valley National Park: If you have been looking for a picturesque place to spend your time, along with spotting wildlife, then the Kidepo Valley Natioanal Park in Uganda is what you should visit. The savannah grasslands along with high mountains, this is a place where your camera can capture beauty in its raw form. It is not that popular and it remains remote yet beautiful. Visitors can get astonishing glimpse into the various wildlife populations, the highlight being herds of wild buffaloes.

The thought of leading daily life and watching lions and tigers move about in their abode is exciting in itself. That is the beauty of going on a safari tour in Africa.


Overseas travel is nothing new for most upwardly mobile Indians. However, many still do not count insurance in their trip list. If you buy right travel insurance policy your overseas travel will be free of worries.

Luggage, tickets, bags, iPod, hotel bookings, handy-cam are the top things that arise in your mind while going out for a travel trip. To be frank having a travel insurance policy before going out on a travel is a rare thing in India. Individuals in our country rarely opt for the travel insurance policy, but it’s really vital to understand that a small mishap can destroy any perfectly planned travel.

People never prioritize insurance till something actually goes wrong and later on it gets too late to acquire insurance. Traveling, especially to overseas countries are an important part of our lives. But a lot of individuals don’t want to think about the calamity that can take place during an outing.

What Exactly Will You Get Under Travel Insurance Plan

Travel insurance refers to ensuring the hazards of having a healthcare urgency or any kind of financial loss that can leave a bad impact on your trip. You can buy travel insurance policy temporarily for a single trip. Whereas, for frequent tourists, it is recommended to go for the whole season strategy which would be enough for various tours all season long. You can buy insurance for a magical trip, leisure trip, cruise trip, international student trip, international trip and a business trip as well. The most common threats that a different travel insurance policy includes are:

-Foreign Medical expenses

-Accidental injury or death

-Theft, damage or lack of personal important belongings

-Cancellation of trip

And much more…

The protection depends upon the norms of programs and organizations as there are several guidelines available in the market.

A primary insurance plan usually provides the protection for healthcare emergencies, urgent repatriation, cancellation, robbery, and lack of baggage, passport reduction and much more.

There are a few tips that would help you in selecting the best travel insurance policy at a lower premium.

Duration Of The Trip

Generally, the companies offer travel insurance policy for an outing length starting from a week to 180 days. It is recommended for you to choose the strategy plan slightly more than your requirement and trip period. If you are a frequent traveler then you must buy an annual multi-trip plan to reduce expenses. With this you will save yourself from the hassle of getting covered every now and then. Coverage is valid for a season and it includes several international visits as well. The maximum length of each trip should be about 30-45 times. This is an affordable product for frequent tourists.

Age Of Travelling Members

If you are traveling along with your family, then will be helpful to check if the premium in one plan which includes all is cheaper or not. If not, then you can consider two different plans in which the elders of the family can be covered by another plan. For example, if you are more than 65 years of age, you can buy older people plan in which you will get pre-existing illness protection, the greater sum covered for frequent hospitalization, etc.

Nowadays, there are many types of online travel insurance available in the market, so it is better for you to compare the plans of different insurance providers to get the best programs out of the many. You must keep in mind that a cheap plan may not always be the best for you.

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Being in debt is not a good feeling. You can feel the difference when you cannot avoid the creditor’s call, still have to bear their languages, as you have no money in your bank. In some cases, you get into a bankrupted situation, when you cannot afford to make payments, on time, and without a single dime in your account. It is during such instances, when you have to join hands with leaders of non-profit organizations, offering some debt settlement programs. If you are already in debt, and need some help to get rid of such scenarios, now you know the right name to rely upon.

Time consuming procedure available

Always remember being in debt is easy, but it is also a time consuming procedure to get rid of this scenario. Therefore, if you are the debtor, you need to be patient. It is not such an easy procedure that it will get solved overnight. As you are asking the creditor to settle for an amount, which is not quite what they deserve, therefore; it will take some time to make them say yes to the proposal. Always remember if the case remains unsettle for a longer span of time, then the creditor will like to settle it as soon as possible, therefore, you have to wait and see the table turns.

Other sectors to rely on

You have to prove that you cannot make the payments in full, if you want to settle for the case completely. They are not going to believe in your word of mouth. So, without prove, settling such claims becomes a difficult task. Even if you take help of a personal advisor, still you need to prove what you need and what not. If the creditors ever found out that you have the amount to repay the loan but holding it back, then you might end up with a complicated lawsuit, as an added tension.

Show your in-capabilities

There are so many ways, which you can use to show your in-capabilities. It can be with some bank statements, written document and other picture proof or video recordings. If you are completely satisfied with the service, wait no further and consider taking help from experts. They are likely to present the case in a proper manner, in front of the creditor. When the creditor approves of your condition, you can receive the much awaited service from the side of personal advisors.

Make the payments upfront

Always remember that you have to make the payments upfront for debt consolidated or debt settlement plans. As the amount is already lower than what you have taken as a loan, therefore; the creditor will not wait for a single second extra for the next amount to be paid. If you cannot even pay this amount on time, then there are high chances that you will land up with a strict payment rules and policies. You might even land up with a lawsuit, which you never want to be with. These are some of the services available over here, once you click here.

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If you want to get into the field of lending marketplace, then there are some sources, ready to be your best guide. You better know more about the place first, before jumping to the concluding point. This marketplace is nothing short than a peer to peer lending place, with nearly more than $6 billion in the current funded loans. Here, the borrowers request loans on prosper and used as personal loans. On the other hand, the investors make it a point to fund any amount, starting from $2000 and to $35,000 on every loan request. Apart from added credit scores, histories and ratings, investors would like to consider the description of personal loan from the borrowers’ perspective.

Get along with other functions

Other than borrower’s loan description, this marketplace also talks about the endorsement from the current feature of friends and the other relevant community affiliations. This same field is about to handle the current loan servicing and help in collecting, as well as distributing the borrowers’ payments and with interest back to the preset loan investors. This segment will ensure to verify the identities of borrowers first and select the present personal data before starting with funding loans. It further helps in managing various stages of loan service sectors.

Get hold of other sections

Apart from the points mentioned above, this same marketplace helps in offering unsecured personal loans, as well, which are amortized over three to five years of time limit. The best part is that you are free from any no pre-payment penalties. This field of Prosper helps in generating revenue with proficient collection of on-time fee on the current funded loans from the present borrowers sector. It further helps in assessing annual loan servicing fee to the current investors. For a particular time span, this lending market operated variable rate model, and it can work in your favor.

Look for the business models

If you are looking for the best transaction based model for your business, then you can always look for Prosper as the ultimate help.In this sector, the company further collects revenue by taking help of fee on transaction of the customers. On the other hand, borrowers are here to receive a current loan pay fee, starting from 1.00% to the 5.00%. It solely depends on the rating of prosper of the borrower and investors are here to pay an amount of 1% annual servicing fee structure. You can even try out for the trading or secondary market platform, as another option over here.

Now for loan performance

Always remember that prosper loans maintain a public database, for any kind of loans, as issued in the present website’s marketplace. The market statistics along with the database is now easy to access and with queried for analyzing the present loan performance over a period of time. There is an interface, which is said to run some complex performance queries, which are further supported. Moreover, investors are likely to look into the current performance setting of subset loans for a certain period.


Choosing the cheapest hajj package 2016 will be a challenge for you if you are visiting Saudi Arabia for Hajj very first time. Searching online for the best travel agency wills a good idea but you will have to understand few important things before taking your final decision. This information will not only useful for this year but every time you decided to visit the Holy City of Makkah. Following are some of the important things that you must keep in the mind while choosing the best one:

Food Packages for Pilgrims

Most of the travel agencies offer limited food options for your hajj package. You are free to choose one that is best suited to you. It is seen that people feel very bad when they are not offered meal in Makkah and Madina. Getting meal from hotel in Makkah and Madina in the days of Hajj is very difficult. You have wait for a longer period of time in the long line to get your food. It is always better not to get food in Makkah and Madina when you have limited meal option in the package. Buffet will be the best option for you in Makkah and Madina. You can ask for meal in Mina and Arafat instead of anywhere else.

Location of your Tent in Mina

You need to ask your agent about location of your tent. You need to know where you located in Mina are. There are two categories of location in Mina; one category is VIP and the second is regular category. If you did not book a VIP location, then obviously, you will be in the regular camps. The VIP locations are considered very close to Jamarat and the regular are far away. You will have to travel 50 minutes walk to reach Jamarat from your regular camps in Mina. It is up to you whether to select a regular location or a VIP one. You will have to pay some extra for VIP location in Mina.

Access to your Private Apartments

Keep in the mind that your camp in Mina can provide only the space to sit and sleep in the camp. You will not be able to take you luggage with you in the camp. Your travel agency should provide access to the private rooms where your luggage could be safe and secure. You will be able collect the luggage you need from that private room. They are temporary private rooms available for their luggage. These rooms are fully equipped with initial facilities like bathrooms and showers. The cheapest hajj package 2016 should include all of these things and you must check them and discuss them clearly with your travel agency. Contrary to this, you will have to face so many conflicting things during your hajj. You must also ensure that the travel agency has its own permanent employees in the Saudi Arabia or not. A good travel agency must have permanent staff in the country to assist you.


In households that have chosen to adopt a cat or a dog, stray hairs can be an unsightly nuisance.Depending on the breed of the animal, shedding can be enormously troublesome – with stray strands appearing everywhere your pet might have decided to settle down. Not only is this unsightly – it can present health risks, particularly to those suffering from allergies.

Let’s take a look at some ways in which we might limit this problem – if not eliminate it altogether.


If you’ve got a very fluffy cat or dog, like a Samoyed or Persian, then regular grooming is a must.By running a gentle brush through their fur coat, you’ll find that those loose strands will stick to the brush like glue.You’ll be astounded at just how much hair can be removed in this way!

Of course, if your pet’s hair is on the brush, there’s no way that it can be spread around the house.Unfortunately, brushing is not a one-off solution to stray hairs – you’ll need to keep it up if you’re to stay on top of the problem.

Different sorts of brushes are suitable for different sorts of fur coat.If your pet has a thick, shaggy undercoat, you’ll want to call upon a metal ‘rake’ type of brush.If your pet has three different layers to its coat, then a variety of different brushes are called for.

Few pets enjoy being brushed, so be prepared for some resistance. You might consider a ‘glove’ type brush, which will simulate the feeling of being stroked for the animal, and thereby make the experience more agreeable.

Hardwood floors

When it comes to stray hairs, carpets are a magnet.They’ll draw them in, disguise them, and stick so tightly to them that even frequent vacuuming won’t be enough to completely remove all of the hair.

One might take an easy option, here – opt for carpet to match the colour of your pet’s hair.Obviously, there is some logic behind this plan: white hair is, after all, going to show up more apparently on a dark-coloured carpet.But wait, are we trying to get rid of the hair, or just disguise it?Would you solve the problem of a wine-spillage by moving a spare piece of furniture over the offending stain?Of course not.

A far better solution comes in the form of hardwood floors.These can be far more easily cleaned – broom-and-vacuum combination.If you’re after some luxuriance underfoot, then you can always add a sizeable rug to the centre of your hardwood space.This will form a magnet for stray hairs, but, unlike a carpet, it can easily be washed and replaced.


Pet hair will stick to rubber like glue.For this reason, rubber brooms are an excellent means of removing stray hairs from even the thickest and shaggiest of carpets.Have one handy if you’ve got a hairy dog or cat.One might even achieve good results with other sorts of rubber item – the sole of a rubber shoe might be effective, as might a rubber glove.


The hair-roller is effective for much the same reason that a rubber glove is – hair will stick to it, and therefore be easily removed.A hair roller consists of nothing more elaborate than a roll of slightly-sticky paper, whose top layer can be removed once it becomes saturated with hair and fibres.They last for ages and are effective in many different circumstances.

If you’ve ever looked down at your best outfit just before a night out and found that it’s covered in cat-hair, you’ll know just how useful it can be to have a hair-roller in the house (or in the glove compartment of your car).

Boot protector

If you’re in the habit of transporting your pet from place to place, then you’ll need a means of protecting your car against their hair. For cats and small dogs, this might mean a basket; for larger dogs, it’s best to invest in a boot liner. Boot liners come in many different forms, but the best are those which are made to fit a specific model of car. A Hatchbag boot liner is just such a product.

These provide a tight seal, through which no hair can penetrate. Once the liner gets too hairy, you can simply remove it and wash it with the rest of your laundry. Whether you’re looking for a Mercedes, Ford or Range Rover Boot liner, they’ll have a product to suit you.

Vacationing with your family used to mean totally disconnecting from work and sometimes from the entire outside world. These days, going on vacation often includes multiple contacts with the office; from using your phone to check your email to calling in to the weekly meeting from your beach chair.

While it may seem unfair to have your work life intrude on your vacation, many employees actually prefer to stay in touch with the office while they are away. Having the ability to nip a small problem in the bud even if it is done from the beach, is preferable to finding a huge mess upon your return. Taking a few minutes a day to check and sort your email now can save you from a huge hassle later.

If you choose Marco Island annual rentals for your next vacation, you can stay wired to the office and check in whenever you want. At the same time, you can enjoy the beauty of a tropical paradise and a relaxing and secluded vacation with your family. Whether you love to walk on the beach, enjoy some great water sports, delight in the beauty of nature or just relax, you can do it all from the comfort of your vacation home.

While renting your vacation home is always fun, many people prefer to buy their own little slice of paradise. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to have your own vacation home, be sure to check out the many opportunities the next time you visit. You can see the beauty of the area, explore the native community to get a better understanding of what to see and do there, talk to the local residents and explore whether vacation home ownership is right for you.

Even if you decide to just rent a vacation home for the week, you are sure to have a great time. You can relax and unwind on the beach by day, party at night and check in with the office whenever the mood strikes you. Whether you are a member of the management team or just a worker bee, there is nothing like a great vacation to help you relax, unwind and recharge your batteries. By the time your vacation week is over, you will be ready to tackle the challenges of the office with a newfound energy.

If you love food, then you should try out Indian dishes one of these days. Any Indian restaurant can provide you with sumptuous dishes that will leave you begging for more. The dishes are too fulfilling but you will want to eat them even if you are already full. Here are some of the best restaurant dishes you should order when you are dining it at an Indian restaurant in Bangkok.

#1: Aloo Tikki

This is a delicious Indian dish similar to potato fritters. These are snacks made from mashed potatoes mixed with a variety of spices. The mashed potatoes are then formed into patties and the fried in oil.

#2: Mango Chutney

Mango chutney is a trademark Indian condiment frequently used on top of Indian appetizers. The ingredients in mango chutney are mangoes, sugar, vinegar, and spices. Out of the much chutney available in the market, the mango chutney is one that is easy to recognize. It is also widely available. Any Indian restaurant can definitely offer delicious mango chutney for you.

#3: Raita

If you are having Indian cuisine for the first time, then you better choose Raita. Indian cuisine is very hot. If you are not sure what intensity of spiciness you can handle, then you have the Raita dish to rely on. The said dish is a cucumber-mint yogurt sauce which will have a cooling effect on your tongue once the Indian dish gets too hot for you to handle.

#4: Samosas

The samosas are the Indian counterpart of empanadas. The said appetizer is a favorite among Indian cuisine lovers simply because of its flaky pastry that is enveloping the hearty filling made from vegetables and potatoes. The samosas are folded into a triangle, fried, and then served with the trademark mango chutney.

#5: Momos

Momos are considered to be the Indian dumplings. Various spices are used for the filling and sauce, making the momos more traditionally Indian than Chinese. However, just like how it is with the Chinese dumplings, the momos are either fried or steamed. They come in various meat and vegetable fillings as well.

#6: Bhaji or Pakora

The bhaji or pakora are terms used to refer to those vegetables battered and deep fried. They are pretty much similar to tempura. One famous variety of the bhaji or pakora is the onion. Other vegetables can be prepared to make a bhaji or pakora though.

#7: Palak paneer

Palak paneer is a main dish you should not overlook in Indian cuisine. The main ingredient of palak paneer is spinach. The said vegetable is then cooked with paneer, which is a soft, fresh white cheese. Other people refer to palak paneer as saag paneer though.

#8: Aloo Gobi

It is a flavorful Indian dish made with cauliflower, potato, ginger, garlic, turmeric, and many other spices. It is typically spicy and dry. This is one of the Indian cuisine main dishes that are not served in a sauce or as a stew.

#9: Tandoori Chicken

The tandoori chicken is basically chicken marinated in spices and yogurt for one night before it is roasted in a clay oven.

Holidays, days out to the countryside, to the cinema or to see family and friends are life’s special times – moments you want to enjoy and savour. Traveling to and from these exciting adventures are not always as enjoyable, particularly if you are travelling with someone who needs special care, like a wheelchair user, for example.


Whether it’s your own child that needs special care, a family member or a friend, you want to make the experience of traveling as stress free and fun as possible. So what can you do to make life that little bit easier?


Make Plans in Advance

Planning in advance by calling the place you are visiting and finding out if it is accessible, is a must. You can, however, take some other steps to make sure the journey goes smoothly, for example, if you are going on a long journey, find a convenient place to stop along your route, somewhere you can freshen up or maybe have something to eat and drink.


Make it Easy on Yourself

As the old saying goes “a bad workman always blames his tools”, as there may well be some truth to this, the flip side of the coin is that having the right tools for the job does make life easier. A car that is ill-equipped for your needs and the needs of the person who requires special care can be a nightmare. Lack of space is often the main issue and makes for an uncomfortable and miserable journey. So it’s well worth looking into buying a car that suits your needs, Allied Mobility are one company that specialise in wheelchair accessible vehicles and if you aren’t already familiar with WAVs, they’re well worth checking out.


Make a Habit of it

Practice makes perfect and so the more travelling you do, the better you’ll get at it and the more fun you’ll have. Once you have an established routine the less and less you’ll have to worry about the logistics of travelling and maybe even start to enjoy the journey as much as the destination.


Keep Calm and Keep Traveling

No matter what happens while you are travelling, try to remain calm and remember that your primary responsibility is to drive safely so that both yourself and your fellow travellers arrive wherever you are going all in one piece. And once you reach your destination, enjoy yourself – it’s your day out as well!



The JPMiles loyalty program was first introduced in the year 1994. Over the years, this program has earned trust and respect of many people. As a program member, you can enjoy many privileges and benefits. Each time you transact with the airline or their airline partners, you will earn JPMiles with airlines.

Therefore, each time you travel, dine, shop, rent a car, stay at a hotel or go for a spa treatment on any of the places on their preferred list, you earn JPMiles. Also, it is very easy to enrol with the program. You can become a member very easily through their website.

Top Benefits And Privileges Of Earning JPmiles With Airlines

Initially, you may be a bit confused about collecting JPMiles. However, with time you can yield good results. You must use your JPMiles carefully to make the most of it. Let us look at the privileges and benefits of earning JPMiles.

1)   Family Benefits

It is a unique feature of the program where you can bring your family together to pool in the JPMiles collected by you and your family members nominated by you. After collecting enough JPMiles, you can use these miles to go for a family vacation and save money.

Also, only the head of the family can collect JPMiles from other family members, and once they are collected together, they cannot be given back. Further, you can transfer and gift JPMiles to your family members.

2)   Business benefits

You can enrol in the business rewards plan through corporate credit card. This plan is designed to meet the frequent business travel needs. Each time the employer or the employees travel with the airline partners and avail services of other selected entertainment and lifestyle partners, the company will earn JPMiles with airlines.

3)   Offers and Deals

As a member of the JPMiles loyalty program, you will earn many offers and discounts for club memberships, dining and staying at five-star hotels, spa treatments, etc. These offers would not only give you discounts at your favourite places but also help you earn JPMiles.

4)   Tiers and Benefits

As you enrol in the loyalty program, there are various tiers and each tier has certain benefits associated with it. Initially, you get a blue card, then as you earn more miles you advance through silver and gold, and finally towards platinum.

The silver card gives you the benefits of pre-reserving the seats from 331 days to 48 hours in advance on domestic flights. Apart from pre-reservation benefits the gold card holders will not be charged for seat selection for flights within India.

For the platinum card holders, the benefits of the Platinum card would be extended to international flights. Apart from the seat selection, the cancellation charges will also be waived off on domestic flights.

The JPMiles loyalty program has earned many accolades and awards for the services mentioned above and benefits it offers to its customers. They have been awarded the famous Freddie Award, which is well-known for travel and loyalty programs. This loyalty program has won many awards and received continuous support from its customers.